OBFLB Picture Board

You've exchanged e-mail with these people for years, but you've probably never met in person or even talked on the phone. Well, here's your chance to put a face with the e-mail address. It's the OBFLB picture board! To add your own picture (or even a recorded voice message), just send the picture to me at terescoj@mailhost.vu.union.edu(uuencode or whatever) and I'll put you up on the board. Click on the mini-pictures or names to see the full-sized pictures.

Matt Arthur, GM Fight'n Kranks, in Bosnia

John Dempsey, GM Albania Picayunes

Bob Gilreath, GM Hubbell Malones

Mike Goodin, GM Potomac Fevers

Bob Grove, GM Southern Hemispheres

Kristofer Munn, GM Terrace Thunderbirds

Reed Sturdivant, GM Late Nite Nine

Boon Sheridan, GM Last Resorts (left) and Randall Mietzner, GM Pahloose LaTreks (right)

Randall Mietzner, GM Pahloose LaTreks

Blake Roberts (left) and Jim Teresco, at Safeco Field, 7/30/1999

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