New Stat Lady Announcement

Following the great tradition of Boon Sheridan and Dave Foard,  I have
decided to take on the capacity of the OBFLB Statlady.  As always, stat
cards are due to me by Friday at Midnight Eastern or 9PM Pacific.

I can be reached at the following email addresses:
1)  -- home
2) -- work

I will be doing almost everything from home, but if you're in need of
getting a hold of me due to not being able to get your card in on time, you
can send me a note at work.

In cases of absolute necessity, you can also give me a call to notify me if
you will make it or not.  If you're having system difficulties that will
prevent you from getting a stat card in, you can call me at the following
phone numbers:
(425) 451-0538 x507 (work)  from 7AM-4PM Monday-Friday (Pacific)
(425) 227-8804 (home)  whenever I'm not at work or umpiring

I have voice mail on both phone numbers, so I will get a message if you
leave one.  Please remember to get the cards and confirmations into me on
time.  Penalties will be a lot less harsh if you do that.  And yes, I will
even be fair to the Cougars out there... unfortunately.